Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Robin Hoare Band - A Time And Place
Robin Hoare

As far as yours Stuly's dreaded bugbear of modern urban contemporary blues goes this blast of stormy mondays and cheated hearts from Sheffield, city of steelworks and synth-pop, goes some stretch to reseal that gap. Sure, it has the funky precision session backing but it also has some blistering, visceral guitar and smooth Scotch n' Guiness vocals that slice through which should lead him to waste the songs away and screech into some smoky dereliction the financially fuckscuppered tales of opener Living On The Easyplan, Aleena and Online Gambling Game tell of. Sorta let go and throw all the songs you know into the breech and see what bargain waits in the basement. As ever for these quarters, far too discreet and tasteful but at least it starts to bite at the usual self-satisfied Savile Row tailored benchmark that sadly passes for blues these days.
Stu Gibson

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