Friday, August 21, 2009

The Nitros - Nightshades / Stompin' Beat

Reissues of late eighties rockabilly rarities long out of print, first time on CD and all that lather. In a more traditional vein than the psychobilly of the time or even the Smash Hits sulky pouts of neo rockabilly earlier that decade. Not to be consigned to rock's heap o' scrap though, there's plenty of frantic slap-happy comb-greasing, hair-teasing action here, with some exhilarating git-tar tirades that easily out sizzle widdle-stick Setzer and possibly Restless' Mark Harman and rockin' scene godstar Darrel Higham. Aficionado's of the catalogue of rockabilly covers will swing for Queen's Crazy Little Thing Called Love and rock's family tree trainspotters will jump maybe once to note that the second set here features scene mainstay and now Morrissey's bassist Gary Day.
Stu Gibson

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