Friday, August 07, 2009

The Meteors - Kings Of Psychobilly
Anagram / Cherry Red

Five disc retrospective splice dice of infectious invective and knife-fetish monstrous head-fuck horror songs the chainsaw crazy axe-men taught 'em from the chemical overload studios of Frantic Fenech and whatever frenetic cohorts he could stake into position for a few singles and a tour or two. There's much interchangeable pounding and chest-beating boogie strewn amongst some great alien snatch sci-fi psycho splatter titles like I Go To Bed With The Undead, Cecil Drives A Combine Harvester, Spinebender, film tributes like Here's Johnny, Michael Myers and Hills Have Eyes, ghoul romances with Wanna Make A Monster and tongue-pulling punnery with Sewertime Blues and The Loneliness Of A Long Distance Killer - the latter squished through the fast closing door towards the end of the final disc along with the bewilderingly emotive You Ain't Right that are raw open wound examples of the gonzoid mariachi surf that Oberstgruppenfuhrer Fenech has come to excel at, chomping 'em out like a suausage grinder on both Meteors and solo albums.
Largely exhumed from the mass grave of stuff they did for old UK indie Anagram this is bookended with early classics Voodoo Rhythm and Wrecking Crew and gouges out a few knuckular distrophic examples of tortuous twang from the recent albums they've done with People Like You - Hymns For The Hellbound, These Evil Things and Hell Train Rollin' - easily amongst their best releases, interestingly / coincidentally when Fenech's started to embody the splattermania of the songs ever more fervently and believably. If you're still on the fence, horror music (that means you, Misfits et al) don't get much better, whether the playground posturing of who coined the term and who's more psycho than everyone else, so you could do much worse than get this, though doing worse is fun, just watch who walks out the shadows past the fence.
Stu Gibson

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