Saturday, August 22, 2009

Li'l Mo And The Monicats - On The Moon
Cow Island

New York honky tonk anynighttime gal Monica Passin puts out totally undiluted, uncluttered, nuthin' wasted or watered down country music in the grand tradition of demure but never dainty dames that may have size three feet but could lash any lout with a tongue-twisting fist and a voice the size of a rocket ship from Venus set to suprastun a la Patsy, Wanda and onto Ms McKee and Lucinda. Third album, and only the second in ten years, she stretches out here into 60's pop, soul (Baby Be Good), and the whole water-wading range of American song sung under all hues from blue to gold from shuffles, strolls and waltzes to cajun and gentle ragtime blues (Why Don't You Live With Me?) to that old devil rock'n'roll it's very selvis on He's A Handful. With this range she really should peddle out the pretty petal picking a tad more often but for now and how much longer this splendido set will more 'n suffice.
Stu Gibson

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