Friday, August 07, 2009

Johnny Lima - Livin' Out Loud
Shock Pop

Wild stallion rocker Lima takes a break from his apparently much praised production and writing work to offload an entirely telegraphed retread through mid-late eighties chart bilge of the Bon Jovi and Def Leppard tradition thought beaten. I love my old hats but this is too much an exercise in pastiche and cliche - capiche? - no matter how long you been round, paying your dues with a colossal interest rate. Every little signifier is shoe-horned into it's right place, and any personality or identifiable traits pressed out like it'd been constructed by a cut 'n' paste A&R king, which with it's airbrushed genre perfection almost sorta makes it like Girls Aloud et al. Anyway, nevermind (haha) there may be some scantily clad Back In Black moments with choruses the size of the Capitol Records tower mushrooming outta their lap with verses that are repaving Sunset Boulevard as we speak, or screech, but you can get mucho primo AC/DC gristle on their albums, or maybe even a cheap Great White one in a skip outside some provincial town's record store's closing down sale. Maybe his studio work meant he was able to snaffle some old Desmond Child out-takes for this sure does scream like it fucking loves it for an Appetite to come and place it's masochistic fist in pertinent places...but what with the inexpliacle rise of copycat kak that could never hold their tongue out to the great title of Trash there may well be many a spandex-spanner bandana wearing buffoon plus a few Crue, Leppard and fuck, Bulletboys devotees to lick it up. Just buy Night Songs from amazon and be done and gone.
Stu Gibson

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