Friday, August 07, 2009

Green Moon Sparks - Rebel With A Curse

This Quasimodo quartet from Italy are here to pummel into your brains that psychobilly is / was centred around fun and not the po-faced cliquery you might find on your travels through clip joints and cliche pits that've been popping up all over and around your conurbations like a damn plague, or rash. Sure, they aren't re-writing the book of smells and curses on this first round quite yet, but neither are they regurgitating same old billy from the burial pit as they take some of the bonkers or balls to it bite-ality of Frantic Flintstones (expecially their current Psycho Samba My Way, also on Drunkabilly), have a singer (Popo) that surely chews fire then slurps from the same vats of spark-plug juice as well, Sparky or Lightning Beat-Man, miring mariachi horns in their triumphant concoction of mayhem trumpets on Troubled Love Song, or stoned wino spaghetti western on Mexican Disease, country hay-bale moon howling on Loser with some disorderly guitar splutterings that'll go straight to your head and induce clod-hopping clumsy dancing that'd make a toothless Tucson tractor driver guffaw, nail your head to the wall with real deal train-derailing hoodoo drum mad hatter clatterings and elsewhere pilfer the riff from Depeche Mode's Enjoy The Silence on (With A) Demon Inside branding it to the backside of your withering bride. The guitars could be cranked up higher though in giving it a demo quality it manages to add to the crazed six in the morning atmosphere as muscles retract into your bones as the toxins take their leave. A whole wedge of gurning, teeth rotting fun, no matter how sticky the carpet and a flat-top amply bedecked with much up top.
Stu Gibson

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