Saturday, August 22, 2009

Goldie Hill - Don't Send Me No More Roses

Before there was Emmylou, Maria McKee, way back before even there was Patsy, Tammy, Dolly and Loretta Lynn there was Goldie Hill alongside Kitty Wells as one of country's first lady's spilling stoical tears of love's grave-lusting troubles. From before her 1953 numero 1 I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes (a song she got to before Ms Wells) here is a collection of early singles before her descent, or ascent, into whatever passes for marital bliss in Nashville with country legend and Johnny Cash compadre Carl Smith following which her career petered out after a slide into the spruced up late sixties Nashville sound which begat the current tastless and tater-less conveyor belt of cloying kak on too many boots n' suits. For a quick step comparison following the above, the sparse arrangements of fiddle, slide and shuffling in the parlour acoustic guitar, are like a female Hank Williams, Call Off The Wedding almost marrying his Wedding Bells and her voice a similar keening spine-crawling quivering twang, though one that can soar beyond any black n' blue bruised moon as on the howl in echo on Cry Cry Darling. She ain't no dismal damsel though, whether or not she be the loneliest gal in town as the song attests, if ya care to witness the kiss off to a suitor of the title track, and Say Big Boy, this Texan dame sure seemed like one kick arse lass behind the heartbreak here.
Stu Gibson

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