Friday, August 07, 2009

GHz - There's Trouble Coming
New Door Productions

An album of mainly Cream covers, a coupla originals, a Hendrix and a Doors one comprises a confusing and curious exercise. Really, what's the point? Apparently these chaps are well-established dudes on the DC blues circuit. All well and good, but why oh why conduct another business-like stroll through some fine tunes. What became of fucking things up a bit, musician should equal maverick not meandering through slick tributaries that have had any trace of slime and dirt sucked out. It's superbly played and produced and so on and shares some traits with Clapton, that of being an absolute waste of talent. Twenty-five years sweating it out together surely should summon up some inspiration, though it seems not and fuckaluckadingDONG lalalalalala but all too much like something done to showcase some studio effects or to give away at a seminar on the benefits of some new brand of six-string bass. That is, resolutely, none.
Stu Gibson

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