Friday, August 21, 2009

Cinders Fall - The Reckoning

Hailing, not that you can tell thankfully, from the UK pit of Essex, this six piece of mayhem shoot five tips of depleted uranium dum-dum metal in your face and piss on the scars. Out of a revolving whirlwind of the havoc they conjure they create epic pestilences of anthemic thrash with death more dancing than waiting in the wings on the strings of an unstoppablly pulverising marching symphony of battle joined and rousing sermons delivered. Where many fail and should have their windpipes and ear canals torn out by bands of this calibre, CF unleash the storms of euphoria of Maiden and Metallica at their peaks. Juggernaut riffs, layered with all the classic pauses, pushes and pulses, octaves and harmonies driven forward like a helltrain powered by a nuclear wind turbine and furious death rattle vocal growls that have direction and don't just wail into the void. Stand up and be pounded into glorious submission. This is a thrilling testament to all that is and should be metal.
Stu Gibson

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