Friday, August 07, 2009

Abandoned Souls - Some Never Will

Canadian Power metal sludge-trudge troupe beholden to Pantera, the ultimate shit Black Album, possibly Alice In Chains and slight leanings to Soundgarden and even nu-metal, clock in with second album. What do you mean you know the score? On the positive side there are some gut-gnawing deaths-head grind-riffs on proud display and one of those big rock voices that seem to be all the rage yet seem possessed of as much personality as a lumberjack with vertigo and resemble severe constipation. The weighty lyrics appear po-faced rather than treatises in revelatory depth-plumbing ('What's with the hole in the sky / I can't see it I just went blind / From the dollar sign'). Heavy as it may be it doesn't have the necessary underlying, never mind blatant, currents of haywire mania and convulsive, compulsively magnetic unpredictability that will pull, and plug, you in and keep you locked and loaded like seventies Ozzy.
Stu Gibson

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