Thursday, June 18, 2009

Until The Light Takes Us

Until The Light Takes Us

Field Pictures
In Association w/ Artists Public Domain
And The Group Entertainment

Directed and Produced By: Audrey Ewell and Aaron Rites

‘Until The Light Takes Us’ evolves around the center of two subjects I know a great deal about; Norwegian black metal and Anti-Christianity movements. Moving to Norway for two years would present an opportunity for the producer and director, Audrey Ewell and Aaron Rites, to document the life of not all, but one black metal musician from Oslo, Norway. Darkthrone’s drummer, Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell is not the ideal spokesperson for the Norwegian black metal culture, although he’s been heavily involved since 1986 and currently active.During the screening of this motion picture, it took a little over twelve minutes for Fenriz to speak, let alone narrate on a subject he feels particular and bitter about. In several interviews and statements made, he declares non-partisan to the hype and controversy surrounding Scandinavian black metal and the 1992 church burnings, yet in his role in ‘Until The Light Takes Us’ he is every bit to blame as every paparazzi and inexperienced cameraman who continues to ride on the coattail of Satan and on the back of one man’s sacrificed freedom held accountable for notorious, black metal fame. Varg Vikernes was convicted of two counts of arson and one count of first degree murder on his rival, ex. band mate, Euronymous, and has now served 16 years of his 21 year sentence, as his recent release was confirmed May 22, 2009. After countless inaccurate publications and all these years confined, we are now exposed to his view of this picture, easily painted and narrated by any spiteful, egotistical metal head who doesn’t dare diss on Burzum. After the screening, I took an initiative to point out the lack of credit given to the real origins of black metal by Venom and Meryfulfate, only to have Audrey Ewell contradict my inquest. She also stood in rebuttal to my disapproval of editing out Enslaved’s segment, who continues to speak in their na├»ve tongue and, openly about Varg’s message on activisms and orgainizations against Christianity. “If your religion has no respect for anybody or anything, then why should I respect yours,” was Varg’s interior motive behind the arsons. He expressed no remorse towards the churches charred remains nor the pocket knife he lodged in his conniving band mates head out of self defense. Rumors of Varg starring in Euronymous’s snuff film sparked the 17yr old to act according. Overall, if any certain group of rebellious, longhaired, Viking scalawags is forced to reform to the authorities and moralities of Christianity long enough, reminders of a revolution is mere match away.

Other appearances from Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg, Kjetil "Frost" Haraldstad, Abbath and Demonaz Doom Occulta, Kris "Garm" Rygg, as well as, Harmony Korine were the necessities in order brand this a documentary. Otherwise, we would have sat around in Fenriz’s depressed, alcoholic-staged apartment listening to Burzum records that were recorded with headphones vs. mics, while picking up young Norwegian bar flies, never fully satisfied with anything and mocking the fans that fund his record label and paychecks. Fenriz particularly aggravated me in attempt to mock the audience in which he views as fans and sheep to the metal he and his “black circle” of Norwegian friends created. It reminds me of my most prized quotations I pull from the infamous, “Fucked By Rock” that I most assuredly memorized by heart for various occasions such as this, “Bitter has-beens destined to rediscover whatever it was they never had in the first place.” Which brings me back to Varg. When asked about his thoughts on Fenriz, he remembers him as an annoying fan. Accordingly to the Audrey and Aaron, Fenriz has no interest in watching the film he narrated. There again, more proof he most likely used the small lump of money attributed UofL students to hire a publicity reps to handle his newly acclaimed success.

Naturally, I did my homework on the director and producer who apparently knew very little of black metal before filming began, other than referred to listen to it by a fellow friend and S.F. record store owner. Besides this, Aaron belongs to a Brooklyn-based, experimental indie rock band, while Audrey has one prior co-producing experience in the comedy, A Sign From God. Regardless, this hardly restricted them from defining the synopsis of this film, however a completely different revelation prevailed in the end than what the initially set forth to document. Black metal was not originated though this particular movement, but only emphasized by he suicides, murders, and arson. It’s a more modern day Wisconsin Death Trip in a group of young, teenage males who are distinctively recognized in world history as crafty, proud and territorial warriors of their land. Aside from the primal recording of “War” Burzum is magical to me, because it authentically represents traditional Viking folk metal and expanded my mystical religious beliefs at the tender age of 15, not after a swarm of press and critics intended to bleach and ruin what once was sworn to black. It could be that Fenriz and others need to recognize this, instead of the anger towards the trends that leaked following. The obvious light brought about brushing this subject's manner is the lies and demise brought about by Christianity.

Until the dark takes me,

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