Monday, June 22, 2009

Sex Slaves
Wasted Angel
Loch Ness Records

The Sex Slaves are red light Romeos, Casanovas of cock rock, virile vaudevillians with a bevy of backstage beauties, ass-strapped and action-packed like an orgy of nighttime nonsense. They’ll blow down your house of cards in New York City with a strychnine kiss and promise to call you in the morning. But the phone won’t ring, baby, and while you’re crying in the gutter and carving their name into your heart with the knife of desperate lust they’ll be halfway to California and a shiny new future that doesn’t include you. They’re harder to pin down than a black butterfly, and their third stab at infinite glory, Wasted Angel, is a schizophrenic daydream that starts out heavy and sleazy, with “Long Live the Dead” rivaling anything Hardcore Superstar has blasted out in recent years, and remains truly rich in righteous rock for a number of tracks before it tapers off with a slew of uninspired, made-for-radio, glam-pop songs that might make ‘em an even bigger hit with the fairer sex but lack the signature Sex Slaves swagger we’ve come to know and love. That being said, the melodies soar throughout, making this the catchiest Sex Slaves album yet, and “Sssssay What?” and “Liquor Store Romance” are such bad-ass, back alley standouts that you’ll faithfully sit by your phone for days to come, waiting for it to ring while you bite your tongue.
-Jeff Warren
Check out the video for "Long Live the Dead" by the Sex Slaves!

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