Friday, June 12, 2009

The Chelsea Smiles - The Chelsea Smiles

'I get lost in your face you're such a beautiful mess' - Take You Away

'I like to be alone - please go away' - Nothing To Lose

Armed and cla-clas-class a calamitous with new blowtorch boogie rumbles these fully paid-up, gold-card carrying members of rock’s inner chambers (session-eers, ex-D Gen and Danzig among others - and that's just head honcho Todd Youth) swoop, sashay and sway in a sleek chassis that’d cruise into many a garage, its tough-guy despondency and top cat outsider status polished off with the stadium lick of heroes KISS and the gelignite gristle of Social Distortion. Taut and ready to combust, dauntlessly running the gauntlet with muscles flexed and elastic stretched like roadworn ode to rock On The Run ('Dirty face and pockets full of nuthin'...this lonely life is all I've ever seen'), prowlin’ blues So Low and preenin’ Little Misfit and few haul The Stooges tired TV Eye retread down onto street level, scratching new alleyways and shoving ‘em in linen cupboards causing the KISS schtick to scream out for room service with a few well judged psych passes from the gym class locker room copped off Cheap Trick while closedown weary ballad Broken Lullabies leaves Angie and Beth in airport departure lounges with endless delays and, as on debut 36 Hours Later’s - from where the re-recorded Nothing To Lose comes from - cover of the Dolls’ Chatterbox, here they awopbop The Stone’s The Last Time a plus one to this top-heavy tirade of score power.
Stu Gibson

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