Friday, June 12, 2009

Astro Zombies - Convince Or Confuse

French psycho’s shake a shovel at the overflowing, yawning mass grave of undead ditch-hoggers and squat somewhere between the older school splatter sounds that spawned the progenitors of bonkersbilly and the country-polluting tang left by the recent Frantic Flintstones queasy picnic classic, befitting their mid-nineties vintage. Ploughing some gypsy-punk fiddle onto, um, Fiddling And Picking and their flamenco’d blanching of Margarita, laden impressively with sultry strings, they still keep the sway-ful in faithful mind with some psycho-steamers like Mr. Huricane and Thai Paradise. Some may call that same ol’ same ol’ usual but there’s more here to get the streamers and steins flowing than them now having Long Tall Texan mainman Mark Carew in tow and Hey Gyp featuring The Creepshow’s Sarah Blackwood. The creepy noir of Reality Junky, the garage-surf sleaze of Psycho Bitch Party secrete and caress sand into the skin, just as the stomp through Bang Bang (c'mon, you know the one) flays it, but allay fears of a moronic stampede. Hell, even when they do that they knock off quality quiff-creasers like Changes and Waiting.
Stu Gibson

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