Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ahkmed - On the Old Kings Road

On the Old Kings Road

Just for the record, I hate the term “post rock.” Of all the meaningless phrases foisted on music fans by hipsters and/or marketing groups, it’s one of the most vacuous. It’s one of those vague terms meant to imply that serious musicians can play in the rock sandbox if they want to, but without getting all that yucky grit between their toes. Heaven forbid any of these band get tagged as prog, or psychedelia, or jazz, or classical, or new age, even though that’s what they are. It’s complete bullshit.

(By the way, a lot of the bands slapped with the post rock sticker are quite good. This is no dis to the artists themselves – just the stupid term by which they get harassed/dismissed.)

I mention this because “post rock” is no doubt the label that’ll get slapped on Ahkmed. The Melbourne power trio plays mostly instrumental psychedelic rock that makes use of repetition – thus it’s “serious music,” thus not rock. Horse dookie. The swirling, sweeping guitar washes, quietly thrusting rhythms and spacey sounds fit squarely in the tradition of space/stoner rockers past – Farflung, Hawkwind, etc. The music doesn’t need shit to raise it above its station – everything’s just fine traversing the galaxy, thankyouverymuch. You don’t need some hipster approval to enjoy this cosmic odyssey – just let your mind float and Ahkmed will make your journey a pleasant one with no qualifiers allowed.

- Michael Toland

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