Sunday, May 03, 2009

Vice Squad - The very Best Of...

Perennial punks, to perhaps aptly purloin a phrase, who could lay some sort of claim to spearheading the crusty hardcore squat-punk scene, though the uninitiated may stay uninterested as it’s entirely possible to tell they play workmanlike punk, not too high in the imaginative league tables – piercing caterwauls (here by Beki Bondage and later Lia) atop rudimentary guitar rumbles, dishcloth drums, sort of like a remedial Banshees with Toyah filling in for Siouxsie. From debut single and indie hit Last Rockers – a fair stab at apocalypso closedown - this is compiled by the band so a fair selection of singles and b-sides, such as the vaguely amusing Latex Love (‘You’re my little rubber scrubber’ fnaaar) and the quite fine Take it Or Leave It is to be had and ‘tis a mildly diverting trip to the dark terrain of the early eighties, albeit not one with huge amounts of merit. Workmanlike it maybe but they’re still at it, with Beki and new band, with new album and tour this year.
Stu Gibson

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