Saturday, May 16, 2009

Various - Blacula: Music From The Original Sound Track

Yuss, here’s the funkorrific soundtrack to 1972’s Blaxploitation movie rip through the then anaemic jugular of the Dracula legend. Massive stacks of sax and jungle boogie and that swampy whacka wah synth that Stevie Wonder wowed worlds with on Superstitious. There’s nightclubbin’ stompers, Cuban-heel clickers as well as lush ballads (Main Chance especially seems to be what Bowie based most of Young Americans on) and in the title piece Blacula (The Stalkwalk) an undiscovered saints symphony just on the jive-ass wise-crack (don’t get them muddled up in stoned spoonerisms) title, never mind Shaftadelic, heavy Sly Stone funk with Motown strings not unlike Jr Walker’s classico Walk In The Night throughout. A usual sound-off would be along the lines of ‘as far as soundtracks go this is one of the better offerings’. This, fiends, is just deeliteful. Classy, elegant, silky and sleaaaazy. Get some sun, it won’t burn, or bite, you. Once bitten, twice shafted?
Stu Gibson

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