Friday, May 22, 2009

Name In Vain - Name In Vain EP

Alas an all too common case of the usual suspects on the influence lists producing numberless nameless bands stewing away in the sandpits and cesspools of music worlds, suburbs and sewers. Biog bull about rivalling current kings of your genre rarely bodes well either, arousing suspicions of not’n special inside just as much as false attention-seeking arrogance does of the wannabe Crue ilk. So despite the undoubted vocal prowess and personality a la Chris Cornell of Matt Pelosi and some potential staircase crushing chugarolla in the riff n’ rhythm departments, they show up the complexity of making the slow, sinew dissolving grunge-metal they’re aiming to line up in their sights, a menace, a stomp, a swing even that goes beyond mere production budgets and possibilities. No discernible evidence of any incandescent dynamic, call it what you will, X-factor, the what tha furrrcck factor that makes you take your hand out your ass to allow the metal up it, that early Metallica and Sabbath possessed, nor the seismically brute force of Pantera, shines through on this four track EP, which is a shame, as it’s not in a world of shit, just somewhat indistinct as yet. Musically, nothing a dose of leaving the grungy melodies behind and spending some time in isolation with several dismemberating samples of gruesome grindcore couldn’t cure, in some form or other. Good luck guys.
Stu Gibson

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