Thursday, May 21, 2009

M.I.C. - Made In China

Canadian pop-rocker Yvon Serre upped (quite a lot of) sticks settling in distant-ish China in 2004, setting this no-frills barrage of gutsy bar-prop rock roaming the streets and provinces. As far as AOR with chiming guitars chorusing amidst the cheerleader-clocking chug this is a cheery celebration, such that it can easily lose the descent into Green Day-y pop-punk of Everything You Do, decent enough though the stop-start idea is, as elsewhere it shows it ain’t trying to be anything it isn’t, confident in it’s vibrancy, as something that makes you think of sun, surf, and, erm, Huey Lewis should be. Though perhaps a bit pedestrian, it banishes any initial doubts about Bryan Adams style fare quick sharp on the opening AC/DC rompastomp of Take A Look, ushering instead thoughts of videos that’d splice open-top ogling of low-cut tops with joking about as a camera circles a downtown soundstage. They may even be wearing a variety pack of pastel shades and have their jacket sleeves rolled up. Several songs could easily soundtrack some slice of eighties kitscha-teen-a-delia like Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, even Back To The Future, which right now, with the sun shining between monsoons, seems mighty fine to me.
Stu Gibson

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