Sunday, May 10, 2009

LiVid - One
Plastic Head

Classic rawk all the way from, erm, Stoke via Sunset ’87 and a few gyrations short of adequacy, as you may expect. All starts damn scintillatingly (incidentally it ends sorta similarly too, just what’s in the middle doesn’t, um, stand up to much) on a bedrock of blues-based chugging guitars and siren wail harmonics, screeching vocals that refreshes the parts Lizzy Borden’s axe could never reach but may strike you more Toby Jepson (yeah yeah, I know the singer from Little Angels’ name, fuck it I have no shame) than Sebastian Bach. In the world of dire bands bending your ears with ersatz eighties monster rock this is a pretty fair stab though shares the similar lack of staying power amidst the histrionics common to many a contender of the LA ilk. There’s a stench of too much box-ticking with requisite ballads Deserve and Can't Find Home, Led Zep In An Elevator grind of Devils Bones and funk gristle on Slide Song. Not at all bad but you ain’t gonna love it, an album with the frenetic intensity of opener Freakshow would be the way forward but sadly (for them) that ain’t to be as they play it safe and recline in the succour of the middle ground.
Stu Gibson

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