Friday, May 15, 2009

The Gimmies - Roll Up

The Gimmies
Roll Up
Off the Hip

Like the MC5 before discovering free jazz, the Gimmies blow the doors off the garage rock muscle car. It’s the Japanese model, of course (gotta represent the home country), but it’s a sleek powerhouse all the same. Flame of Wings and Fever Street blaze down the highway with the top down and scorch marks on the concrete. Quaky City and Slow Tide strip the Hellacoptersmobile down to its chassis. Comin’ Through the Night adds pop hooks to the frame, making it even sexier. A Little Behind You brings the 35 minute drive to a perfectly timed halt in a burst of power and melody. The quartet also covers the Lime SpidersBeyond the Fringe, which gives you a notion of the rock & roll aesthetic here. Tokyo’s finest since Godzilla.

- Michael Toland

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