Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Frank Gannon Trio - The Frank Gannon Trio

UK Garage-blues surf crew with original slants and slicks on this set, written entirely by the main man (well, except Fever). With incisive guitar sears like Mick Green of The Pirates in a stand-off with Link Wray, toe-stubbing Duane Eddy / Dick Dale and Dimples dunks abound and the grit of The Sonics is right up square in your face these guys eschew the tired tricks that litter Rock’n’Roll’s backyards. They’ve been around many blocks (ex members of Clarksdale Bluebeats, Jesse James and the Outlaws and The Blueflames) and soldiered on through circuits unsoldered to time to chuck this fresh and energising real roll of rock in your breadbasket. No tired re-tarmacing of the same driveways as last week, showing that with that indefinable kaZing that transcends a pinch of talent, conventional staples can be transmuted into a rare sustaining treat. Essential.
Stu Gibson

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