Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chuck Berry and Bo Diddley's Rock 'n' Roll All Star Jam

DVD release of a concert, nay, all-star(ish) jamboree, held to commemorate Mr Bo Diddley’s 50th barfday in 1985. With a slew of celebs you might expect like Ronnie Wood, Mick Fleetwood, Kenny Jones, Carl Wilson and um the Rudy Sarzo guy from Quiet Riot as well as the vocalist from Three Dog Night, who looks like a fucking Chuckle Brother ogling your sister at her friends hen do, and an impressively energetic troupe of backing singers, it’s slap-bang in the middle of the eighties so expect some extraordinary, shoulder-padded renditions that lessen the primal voodoo you do hoodoo who do, yes, you do, usually associate with the Diddley Daddy. Well, I hope you do. Aside from visually stunning, in the agog-oh-ma-god frowning sense, pans around the pastel-hued audience, Bo doesn’t simply steal the night in a as it’s my birthday I shall require my people to speak to your people to allow me to assert my dominance, as stomp all over it, and make it shake in submission even before he does his willowy-billowy shaky-kneed shadowy shaman sex-dance all over da place. No matter the eighties production values, Who Do You Love, Hey Bo Diddley, I’m A Man and closing stamp-a-long Rock’n’Roll Music are all worth a look not just for the man’s natural charisma, as are the opening sequences showing the man himself tending the BBQ for his guests, and essentially Bo instructing the superstars who surfed in his wake, the basics of the music they'd made careers around. Chuck, as he does, comes out all but asking for his reputation to be pissed on if only he can film your partner lick it up as he trots out My Ding A Ling that not even Sid James woulda laughed at. Slight, but sprightly, though again something that would serve better purpose as part of a package, with this just one section, and a fair few more songs from the birthday boy would have made it more of a bonanza way to remember the old Gunslinger.
Stu Gibson

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