Sunday, April 26, 2009

Shadows Of Knight - Shadows Of Knight

Mid-sixties Chicago garage legends here get a Rev-Ola refit applied to their third, self-titled album that closed the decade on a suitably dark ride, with the loose-limbed hallucinogenic R’n’B funk that is the Shake single and it’s B-side (the demented Booker T organ-grinding raga of From Way Out To Way Under) added to the addled conjoining of bad-trip boogie (‘water-melon with wings’ anyone?), insatiably unsanitised psych-blues-bastadry (I’ll Set You Free), bug-eyed speed-jitterpop perky jean lust removal machines (I Wanna Make You All Mine), disarticulated covers like Buffalo Springfield's Bluebird and shambling pop ballads (Alone) with which they roared past the peace and love brigade on in plumes of grease and dust. As anyone who took their first steps into the garage fug with the fabled Nuggets artefact this, like say The Standells, Seeds and almighty 13th Floor Elevators, realises, the gritty growl and lascivious sneer n’ leer - recalling at times Morrison’s both Van and Jim - of this bunch of swaggering dark-lords is an underworld ready and waiting for your willing soul to delve into deeper beyond the famed and acclaimed Shake (here in both 1968 single and Revisited 1969 versions) and Alone and the few on the Nuggets box (including I’ll Set You Free from this album). So, pretty essential then, say you? Yes, say we and I.
Stu Gibson

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