Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sean Walsh Band - timetravellersexmachine

Surprisingly enough and non in galore for anything with such a title is only gonna be rooted in one thing right? Oh yes. For time traveller read slightly spacey blues rock with instantly detectable poses from a line up of overly usual and insipid late 60’s suspects from this Dutch trio (now, where’ve we heard that one before). For slightly spacey blues plod read a fondness for slightly staccato licks with mucho reverb, possibly meant to herald shooting stars but the only nova appearing is more likely to be your scratty weed dealer. T’aint too bad as it goes, I mean, it’s better – often far better, but hey, lest I blunt my knives too much - than The Answer and those other two Irish bands that followed and stodgy sub-Hendrix / Led Zep criminal fakery of Kravitz, Jet and the colostomy-certifiable Wolfmother. Aping Hendrix and attaining a certain level of his inventiveness must be praised though, no natter how much of a cynical old haircut you are. In the large scale of things that isn’t a wholesale price sort of recommendation, I agree. Of that ilk, not galxies apart as you'd hope, but with bigger balls, laudably more soul (and the next line wasn’t ever going to be ‘it doesn’t take much), not least from Walsh's thick Leffe-meets-Guiness roar and lacking the impotent froth that’ll wet the floppy hair at festivals. Personal preference suggests taking the title and running as the country kershuffle of Last Man Standing beats the tongue-in-cheek bluster of much of this, um, pants down.
Stu Gibson

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