Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Punk As a Doornail - Flogging the Punk Horse

Punk As a Doornail
Flogging the Punk Horse
Zodiac Killer

There are rock duos like the White Stripes or the Black Keys, who play big-ass, bluesy rock & roll that covers for the sparse instrumental lineup (or deficiencies). There are also rock twosomes like They Might Be Giants or Ween, who use humor and a million overdubs to fill out the sound. Then there’s Punk As a Doornail, who are somewhere in between. The pair’s bluesy punk (performed on drums, miscellaneous percussion and some Dr. Seuss-looking thing called a skatar) mixes with whimsical little ditties like Mother’s Day (Don’t punch her in the face/Because it’s Mother’s Day/Give her a break), Richard’s Farm (which warns Don’t let Richard near the barn!), Money Better Spent On Beer (self-explanatory) and Personal Hygiene (ditto). The tunes choogle on what are essentially bone-simple slide guitar riffs, but let’s face it: the music doesn’t matter as much as the lyrics. Your mileage may vary, depending on whether or not you think a song called A Sh*t Called Art (guess what they rhyme art with) is funny on the face of it. But the pair is smart enough to run the songs together like one big number, and they’re over and done before the 30 minute mark. I don’t know how well Flogging a Punk Horse will hold up over repeated listens, but it’s good for at least one half-hour of entertainment.

- Michael Toland

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