Friday, April 17, 2009

Omar Kent Dykes
Big Town Playboy

A usual all/some/ok, a couple just to make ‘em feel welcome star collection / trawl through the blues songbook? Sorta maybe, though this long-standing Texan stalwart knocks ‘em back from under bars many but the meanest adherents wander into, and many of those’d merely pass through, sauntering back to that all too commercial old Clapton and Cray crybabyin'. Sure, ain’t much hooch here gonna attract too many strays but this follow up to popular 2007 party maraud through legend Jimmy Reed’s crumpled papers with fellow Tex-blues luminary Jimmy Ray Vaughan features many of the same session dudes (including Vaughan, harp heroes Lazy Lester and James Cotton and Lou Ann Barton’s sassy vocals) struttin’ n’ shufflin’– in the best sense of the word – through other post-war electric blues mayhem and midnight howlers like Eddie Taylor’s title track, John Lee Hookers’ sloping n’ sly No More Doggin’ that Rosco Gordon did such a great half-cut, eyes half-shut stumble through. A tip-top tip o’ the hat by a rightful cat.
Stu Gibson

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