Sunday, April 05, 2009

Julian Sas
Wandering Between Worlds
Some manner of euro Strat sailor and saluter a la Walter Trout or Gary Moore it seems, perhaps even a Jeff Healey, though this Dutchman isn’t quite so frantically intent on wearing fingertip size indentations in every fret of a guitar within the first three songs. Owing similar homage to Hendrix and Peter Green as those two, this live album, backed just by cohorts on drum and bass activities, comes as CD with DVD available as well, presumably to indulge the fraternity of bedroom fret-fantasists, and also includes four new tracks. Loudly proclaiming it to be absolutely live with no post-op surgery, invasive or otherwise, it must also be said that this SAS gent can certainly wring seven bells of sweetly stinging sermons on the strife’s and fallacies of this existence outta his Strat to stain your soul clean, though it may well depend on how staunchly set up your stomach is to cope with the staple of protracted blues odysseys. Picture this – two discs there be with roughly an hour’s music on each (eight tracks and six tracks respectively). This should cut a large, crusade-winning swathe through any beliefs you may still unwittingly hold about preconceptions as even a brief calculation of the average song length should elicit groans if not digestive collapse. Sure, among aficionados of the still, on this evidence, fertile field there may well be a Great White style feeding frenzy in rapture at the gilded, glistening gamut of prodigious guitar graft on display. But, to the fan of song, or casual listener, this holds the danger of representing the ultimate in labouring a point. And with many tracks being of a sedate, however sizzling, pedestrian nature it’s also a long-winded way to labour those points.
Stu Gibson

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