Saturday, April 18, 2009

Jeff Dahl - Back To Monkey City
Steel Cage

'Save us from ourselves Lord - Deliver us from sin
Lead us from temptation - So we can Rock'n'Roll again...' - Salvation, Temptation And Sin

Sand-scorched, whiskey-wired rawkarolla coaster-chompin’ crew with cactus-spikes instead of studs on gnarled leathers and between teeths from Arizona laden with attitude and addled with the right dose of don’t give a fuck devil may care free for all Heartbreaker strafin’ right from the get go, get out, and get on (my bike, not yours) of the opening belt-slackenin’ title track. Dahl snarls and pouts fight songs for any phet-fugged deserted stunner and detested son like the there but for the grace of ‘DC stomp on Salvation, Temptation And Sin, twisting preacher’s po-faced catechisms into a clamouring call to replenish the rock reserves, and with fender-melters like the Mott-hop glory of I Am A Mess (or I Never Miss as it can sound like, for true kamikaze death bastard boogie anthem) and Thunders put-down to a cast-off Rat's Ass, this widens arteries and leaves ‘em desperate for more. Showing such seemingly simple straight ahead no frills rollin’ ruck for the piously perverse and lingering long-gone is by no means a quick, cheap fix and is a skeleton key for any old ignition box. Literally blistering.
Stu Gibson

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Michael said...

One of his best, in my opinion.

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