Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Iggy Pop
Lust For Life

From an eighties German TV show, broadcast back when lil Iggles had a brief spell as chart fodder with his banal, barely adequate version of Real Wild Child which ironically cast him more as Debbie Gibson’s love hunk in some teen movie (maybe not something we wanna see) this slight (40 minute) snapshot raises itself above any castigations of being risible slew for featuring an exquisite exchange with the presenter of a Canadian TV chat show, where it really seems like Mr Pop is going to ‘do an Emu’ and eat his patronising face off. You can almost see the visible switch in personality and slip into punk-psychologist mode.
Without Ron Asheton’s death (who features here in an unfortunate tashe episode) occurring in a ghastly coincidence with this release, the interview with Ron and footage of him twanging away between shots of the old neighbourhoods would always have been of interest, especially in light of The Stooges reunion, as would the primitive clips of Iggy wiggling, though centrestage must go to the rooftop interview, the enigmatic manic charisma provoking much awe-struck rewatching, above the bizarre approximation of what passed for a haircut on the live clips from the then current Euro tour. As always with such releases, a bumper pack with a few similar programmes would be welcome and certain parts without subtitles isn’t much help unless you habitually lapse into German after too much of your favourite slump-juice, but this is an intriguing, if not essential, aside, though one that smacks of hard-faced cash-in. Appropriate really, what with Iggy’s cavorting about for the car insurance yen.
Stu Gibson

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