Friday, April 03, 2009

Suck 'n' Swallow
Boss Tuneage

Celebrating their quarter century of quart sucking, sick-touching under the rather restrained heading 25 years 25 songs, more like 25 songs about girls, sly gropes and impromptu groanings set to grisly, endearingly naff but deceptively uplifting (yeahhaha) surf-thrash of beer spray and bbq sauce smears, these Aussie purveyors of dork ogling nork songs and half-assed fizz-cum-psychocandy sugar pop are definitely a Hard-On to go home with. Insert any sneaky japes about staying power anywhere around but every home should have one. Or more. Leonard Cohen would disapprove sagely or otherwise from the corner, but with this in your greasy mitts you’ll do whatever it takes to sate your slavish fetish for thrill-seeking splutter-punk a la Ramones meets early Mudhoney before it got all streamlined into non-sticky Green Day, Blink 182 trite tripe. Stu Gibson

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