Saturday, April 04, 2009

The Guilty Hearts
Pearls Before Swine
Voodoo Rhythm

This quartet hail from and rail around East LA’s last chance saloons and lost roll casino’s, lashing the Hispanic sections' long-established roots in Rockabilly into the ground as the foundation on which their concrete-cracking garage squall can fester in abundantly arable degeneration. Assailed by storms and street hassles these monuments to raw, whisky-raddled, risk-reared rumpus can never stay constantly secure and so are prone to episodic bouts of pandemonium as they succumb to the peculiarly pickled ravages of ju ju howls, mentally incapacitating mantras and driftwood dirges over unscrupulous daughters, as started on their self-titled debut VR release of a couple years ago. It should be noted that honcho mister uno Herman Senac was founder of cow-punk decimation squadron Blood On The Saddle, which may at least partly explain why this doesn't settle for paltry yelps at The Stooges back pockets and frayed seams. Early Gun Club remain an obvious reference point, you can also detect the drone of Spacemen 3 on sweltering, petrol-fume-throated 3,000 Miles, they in turn being overly influenced by Jeffrey Lee’s lot as well as Suicide, and classic sixties monoxide-riled marauders like The Seeds (Forbidden Wayout) and The Count Five (Of Faith) and on upto The Birthday Party (Suffer So Easy) and Billy Childish (Don't Wanna Know). Once again, part 33, Voodoo Rhythm resident dimension-shifting chieftain Beat-Man unleashes a unique asset of his singular production line, for general ubiquity to ignore.

Stu Gibson

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