Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Deep Eynde - Blackout: The Dark Years
People Like You

Sultry goth-swooping (apologies, death rock) LA-brood piles on the atmospherics but rarely gets past plying the tricks long since ceased, if they ever were, being secrets known only to those in the throes of shamanistic rites, or those who adopted slum Yorkshire towns and stumbled about in quasi-stoned trances. Opener My Darkest Hour murmers it all, riff from Love - minus the heart – mixed with MTV era Psychedelic Furs without the what the fuck am I doing disdain and plummeting to watering holes where Wayne Hussey waits murkily for his next mission (yup, guess he’ll be older than Gandalf by now waiting to hobble to the shops to buy 40 fags and a Mail on Sunday). Elsewhere songs like Red Necklace ape Seventeen Seconds era Cure, forgetting almost admirably to at least copy Primary or A Forest not the other shite on it, and all from Siouxsie to Bauhaus (Road Rash). We getting the picture here? Anyone we missed? Oh, even Depeche Mode crop up on Magic Man. Generic sub-goth that I think even Gene Loves Jezebel would grin about. A case of too much striving without any traces of the insurmountable enticing seductiveness - nor the supposed theatricality they’re noted for - of the bands leader Fate Fatal is obviously so in thrall to. They have a certain pedigree, with Rezurex’ Daniel deLeon appearing on a few songs and real LA creepshow seatstainers 45 Grave drummer Hal Satan a long-term fixture, just throughout this anthology –even the slightly more tantalising corpsebilly shuffle of 13th Floor and fatal-fever The Feast– they remain unconvincing. Though there’s a complimentary DVD of lives and vidclips, if you’re interested.
Stu Gibson

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