Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The Creepshow
Sell Your Soul
People Like You

Here People Like You disinter for your mortal interest the debut from Canadian necrotisis-freaks The Creepshow for a reekin’, rock-wreaking resurrection worth running back into the house where the bad things are, no matter what the audience may tell you. Sometimes, those characters might actually be onto something. By and large this has several moments to gouge yourself with. Originally on Stereo Dynamite (and with current singer Sarah Blackwood’s sister of sin Jen on vocals) who, if recent Matadors album Sweet Revenge is anything to go by, may not be the best label for our horrorbilly heroes. Released in 2006 it’s not so much the long-awaited release it’s touted as, though availability may well have been an issue. Anyway, whether an already avowed zombie zealot or kooky psycho-poptart new flesh for the old flailers then a treat is instore for your infection ready sub-dermal sores as, besides the noted Zombies Ate Her Brain - possibly about the sweetest sub-two minute serenade since, well, The Horrorpops pristine second album, there’s the plaintive cowgirl’s lament of The Garden and the showdown hoedown split-up spat with The Matador’s Hooch of Doghouse that kick into a passing fence-post and dismember the likes of the skirt-shredding Shake, that already drives stakes through the Horrorpops’ white wedding dress in a freak shower, there’s a live video and cutesy vid-clips of ...Brain and The Garden. Whether you feel the urge to rip up floorboards and perhaps a friend or two's demure features before racing out like the rage of 21 Days Later ultimately depends on your stomach for zombie-pop, but it's definitely one you could hang pretty much a whole cast on. Stu Gibson

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