Friday, April 24, 2009

Brainerd - s/t

Zodiac Killer

Madison’s favorite groove metal maniacs have gone through some personnel changes since the bruise-inducing Animal Mother, but no harm done, except to eardrums. Brainerd still smashes and slashes, turning otherwise would-be morbid meditations on Demon in the Night, Devil Star and Blood Money into Pazuzu’s party anthems. If anything, the band’s sense of melody has gotten sharper; there’s no reason All Night Party (with its smoky organ lines) or Powerlines wouldn’t fit perfectly on the radio between Soundgarden and Pantera. Of course, no matter how evil you think you are, life always comes back to whether or not you’re gettin’ any, and Hurt in a Skirt caps the album off nicely with a situation to which we all can relate, fanged hellbeasts or no.

- Michael Toland

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