Saturday, April 25, 2009

4Bitten - No More Sins

A four piece bitten by the rockbug is the slightly dubious origin of their name. As such it suits as they are, as you may expect, beholden to the standard bearers and biblical-type behemoths of blues-driven hard rock. So, yes, we’re talking the usual slurry of late sixties and pre-punk seventies colossi like from Janis to Whitesnake, and yeah the kinda drivetime drudgery that Thunder toil over without really taking to task. Wah-laden guitar solos, stodgy drums and everyman sessionistic bass should all be strung upside down, leaving their heads in the bass bins at a Motorhead gig for their guilt. Greek descended front femme Fofi has a Tia Carerre in Wayne’s World kinda wail with some juice in reserve to joust a la Joplin. Contrary to first cursory impressions it contains quite an inventory of signpost dissolving riffsticks, starting off with a oil-burning riff-regimen (Lightnin’ Crashing) that could turn chest hair into tassles. There’s an inability to clinch the deal though, seemingly, as so often, getting mugged at the other end of the alley from where they just scored by their desire to accommodate all tastes and not be too risqué, resulting in an inability to sustain a whole album. By second helping (Believe) some funk-lite has reared its unrequired insignia, ruining the quite shirt-billowing riff that almost spirits you away to a rocky desert outcrop with a Les Paul and a definite feeling of vertigo; Tell Me is the slow-building ballad to air-punching hymn for the suspicious; Rock’n’Roll Dreams the requisite rags to riches fantasy fulfilment from a film like Light Of Day and Push It To The Limit is as tired a water-treading funk-rock workout as the title indicates. As far as such bar-belting blues-based by the numbers rock bastings go this would be worth a once or twice over, though if you want some originality and, maybe moreover, personality, over cloying and much-prided professionality, then haul ass offa that highway, chile, and, all hyall, I dunno, await Saraya’s remastered double-disc reissue of their debut!
Stu Gibson

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