Wednesday, April 01, 2009

2nd District
Poverty Makes Angry
People Like You

Second album of street-sleaze punk-pouting poetry from these gallant Ruhr rockers rampages all over and through the bones of their vehemently excellent debut like heroically trash messed humvees far more like a Hanoi Rocked Undertones than towels of doldrums thinking pretending not to be potty-trained passes for a patina of punk n’ rock’n’roll. Fuck that. Despite the too mannered at times requisite disdainful Lydon yelp like Jimmy Pursey being served by the Young Ones’ Rik, Marc Ader’s delivery is of refreshing sardonic eagerness cauterised by caustic cynicism with an at times deeply affecting slur. Neither tawdry sub-Manics wannabe tat nor laboriously lobotomized bonzoi bobbins though they sure can rustle up some Harry-hurrying chantarama as on the brilliantly observed wittical Sporting Socks and Sandals and The Last Anthem. From the deranged boys swinging a go go from opening night chandeliers instrumental opener of Monoxide to the frenetic salute of I Love My Life to The Only One and Drinking (The Song) to so long adieu’s The Hardest Part and closing down last swing for the old veneer of Don’t Fear The Fear this is up there like a very thirsty dog with the very best of recent low-slung, belt-loosening (see Die Hunns last, f’rinstance). Indiscriminate passion without discretion, and far more than Backyard Babies with extra tracks. Stu Gibson

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