Monday, March 30, 2009

Thin Lizzy
Still Dangerous
Thin Lizzy Productions

More Lizzy live you cry? Yes, indeed, cry little sister. As if to answer the thirty years of sniping, however right it remains, over Live and Dangerous’ stifling studio add-ons (or total re-recording depending what you read and whose ears you believe) this ’77 set is live as it aired, right in the moment and re-mixed outta necessity, having fallen out of a lock-up somewhere on the lonesome plains of Lizzy memorabilia. Proffering slugs from the already classic Jailbreak and just released Bad Reputation albums it shows as if it were needed that such post-production snipping n’ pasting is inexcusable, especially for a band of their calibre. Anyways, amongst the always glorious Cowboy Song and at least one third of the basis of Iron Maiden’s entire career that is Massacre (one other being a much missed Emerald – the other??) alongside (of course) Boys Are Back In Town and the exquisite saunters of Dancing In The Moonlight and Don’t Believe A Word maybe it’d be churlish to bemoan the lack of That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart or even Dear Lord that’d sit nicely with Opium Train and Soldier Of Fortune as the new cuts on the racks. Well, I'm nuthin if not a cantankerous old cuckooing cove. It’s debateable, and easily deniable to these well-defined ears, that it really is the ‘real’ Live and Dangerous, as is being widely proclaimed, for, you see, that won’t happen till they go back and deconstruct those original tapes, or unearth a whole set rather than this rather paltry ten-tracker. Somewhere between the twain lies the real uncut merchandise. As it is almost any Lizzy is a pleasure, and besides those gripes this is an exhilarating addition. Not many bands of whatever stature can keep retrieving things from the lost and found and them being ever better. This being the first release on the newly established Thin Lizzy Productions perhaps that won’t be such a lamented proposition by the time the year’s out. Still Dangerous? Did he and his legacies ever lie?
Stu Gibson

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