Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Arkanes
3 song EP

Sometimes while I'm browsing myspace, I come across some stuff that I like to refer to as "not shit." As I'm sure you'll agree, not shit stuff is pretty rare these days, when anyone with a computer and an old Fisher Price sing-along cassette recorder can create a band profile and get an iPod commercial.

So there I was, surfing merrily along, when I came across The Arkanes, who sound like the Sex Slaves crashing a party hosted by Juliette and the Licks, with maybe those kids from The Subways hanging out in a corner, hoping someone will pass them a beer to share. Ah, I thought, here's some not shit! and a few weeks later, this arrived in the mail. (Talk about your advanced copy. Nice penmanship, though.) Sharpshooter opens with a super-slick guitar riff, some cowbell, a grunt, and a guy "lying facedown in a bloodbath," so you know it's gonna be good. Just Can't Help Myself has lots of yowling and crashing cymbals and a beat that makes me shimmy, while Schizophonic's sexy bassline makes me shimmy even harder. These shaggy-haired British lads just need a few more years of touring shit-hole bars in broken-down vans, living off unfiltered cigarettes, shots of Jack Daniel's, and pints of beer, in order to realize their true sleaze potential. Now where did I put that tape player? I've got music to make...

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