Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Ok, so the name's kinda jerky, even for icy-cold Norwegians, but the nailgun-to-the-forehead pounding you get from "Aeon" all but makes up for it. Zyklon is an ex-Emperor supergroup, more powerful than 17 locomotives and able to crush quaint villages under it's big black Frankenstein boots in a single devilchord. That distinctive Emperorical wall of barbed wire grind is still evident here, but that band's relentless cacophony is tempered with a more surgically striking thrash metal attack and mercifully, the gruesome twosome vocal styles of black metal- screech n' growl- are jettisoned for a far more rock-friendly (well, not friendly, but you know what I mean) dead man's rasp. There's all sorts of experimental squiggles lurking in the corners, and when they wanna, as on the monstrous "Subtle Manipulation", they just go ahead and burn everything in their path with a blistering death/thrash assault. State of the art, heavy as a nagasonic teenage warhead, and meaner than a junkyard dog, Zyklon is about as fierce and menacing as guys from Norway wearing black leather trenchcoats and Terminator shades can possibly get. Kaboom!


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