Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Chiefs and Captains

Although I am sure there will always plenty of frizzy brained weed fiends content with wearing out the thighs on their corduroys, staring at blacklight Kyuss posters, and wishin' for the days when Kozik was king, but it's nice to see cats like these here smirky Fins blasting right past the stoner metal truck stop and freely embracing the untamed glories of ego-driven Super Rock. Not unlike Spoiler, Zerocharisma write the biggest riffs humanly possible and beat you over the head with them until something breaks. Best of all, they possess a full-throated bad ass up front, the confusingly named Manne Ikonen, who's sounds every bit the bare-chested rock god a band like this needs to drive 'em over the top. 5 songs here, each one power-packed and action fueled, but opener "Cobra Leg" stands out, both for it's flowing Roadsaw riffs and some of the most savage rock drumming since Rob Wacko Hunter was lighting himself ablaze. Also, I think it's about Super Sperm, which is cool. Charisma they may lack, but the Rock? That, they got plenty of.


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