Wednesday, February 18, 2009



Dig this- Catharsis is a full length album, yet it's only got three tracks. I bet you're way ahead of me already. Yep, Yob is doom. Not Ultra-Doom or Total-Doom, but certainly All-encompassing-Doom. They sound pretty much exactly like how you'd feel after downing a 32 ouncer of Nyquil on a rainy Sunday afternoon- sweaty and sleepy and under the spell of wild hallucinations. From the wilds of Oregon, by way of the rings of Saturn, Yob are the crucial link between Cathedral and the Allman Brothers, spreadin' their crazy cosmic dirtfuzz and space rattle all over the ever-expanding soundscape like the janitors of God on a bumtrip. Can you really jam at half-speed? Well, yeah, I reckon you can, because with 18-23 minute tracks on deck, it's obvious that Yob are all about free-balling 'til they're satisfied. Man, doom has never sounded so fuckin' alive. At times, they seem to forget all about grinding out the sub-sonic miseries, and just take to flying, space-stoner style, like Lunar tokers Sheavy, and it's a vapor trailing blast, a beautiful rumbling from the heart of the sun. "Catharsis" is no mere stoner-bait, puny earthman, it's a great pulsating purple satellite broadcasting freaky plasma paintings on the faces of angels. Ok, maybe it's just the Nyquil talking, but this fucker is gonna take you someplace warm and wet and pulsating comfortably, that's for damn sure. Catharsis? Indeed.


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