Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wretched Ones

Less is More

Man, are you asking for abuse by naming yr band "The Wretched Ones". Has no one learned from Quiet Riot's great "Condition Critical" debacle? Actually, these Ones who Wretch have been around so long - I remember seeing ads for their records in Maximum Rock and Roll when I was still young n' virile, for Chrissakes - that I'm sure they've heard 'em all already. Anyway, these Jersey-based street punks are so old-school that it was just called plain old 'punk' when they started playing it. "Less is More" is a comprehensive collection of tracks culled from singles and EP's and what-the-fucks from the early 90's to a couple weeks ago (or so), and it's all gruff and grunting punch-punk with a few tasty rock n' rollicks thrown in for good measure and lotsa rhyming lyrics about cheap American beer and jail. Pretty boss for ones so wretched, and if yr wondering how much more punk you can get than the W.O's., the answer is simple - None. None more punk.

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