Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wrecks from the Highway


First of all, I love the sepia toned cover of the hipster hottie suckin' a lollipop, and the jivey liner notes, written in yankee Redneckese, are pretty cool, as well. But I'm not here to review cd artwork, baby, I'm here to slice through the rock like a Krypton laser, so here's what's blaring outta the speakers. Wrecks play shitkicker motorcycle rock, kinda like Social Distortion without the phony jailhouse machismo. They've got an ear for tasty licks and on "My friend Scott" use it to maximum affect, sounding like a sleazy powerpop band, but mostly they just barrel through their songs like there's a checkered flag at the 3 minute mark. With a cover of Waylon's "Dukes of Hazzard" theme and Wolfman Jack samples, Wrecks are just about as American as a bunch of Scotsman are gonna be. I bet it gets 'em laid all the time. If you'd like to hear the grease n' grit punk of the Turbo AC's played from a million miles away, here's your best bet.


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