Wednesday, February 18, 2009

World War IX

Panic Attack
Elis Eil

WWIX (that's a lotta wars) is a Brooklyn based punk rock band featuring a guitarist and (kinda JR Williams-ish) comic artist by name of Justin Melkmann, and his (presumably) funky bunch of friends. What is cool, it turns out, about having a cartoonist in the band is that he can draw pictures of what each song is about. And as far as I can tell, all of 'em are about drinking, except for the ones about murder, and the GG Allin cover ("NYC Tonight"), which is, of course, about both. Their sound has a decidedly retro '77 flavor to it; they sound a LOT like the Buzzcocks and a little like EATER and the maybe the Jam. The songs on the aptly named "Panic Attack" are jumpy and fast, and they sound like a way too-crowded, way too-druggy night at CBGB's. As you may or may not know, bands from places like New Zealand or Scotland that play nervous pogo-rock like this are often proclaimed to be geniuses - or at least "hot" - by neo-hipster newsstand rags, so perhaps a similar kindness will be bestowed upon our Noo Yawk pals here. Either way, if you are currently wearing a leather jacket and have a handful of pills in one of the pockets, then chances are you'll dig this.


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