Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Working With Children and Animals Vol 2

Various Artists
Wasp Factory

UK Industrial dance label Wasp Factory show off with this compilation of diverse acts. Swarf are pretty much a disco outfit, so let us forge ahead before I have to mention Donna Summer. Dust play 90's industrial with metal guitars and ass shaking beats, kind of like Filter, except good. Katscan are a bubbling, grinding cross between Thrill Kill Kult and Love and Rockets, like a candy-coated razorblade. Psychophile are nearly ambient goth-pop. Freudstein borrow their name from a character in a Fulci film, so it's no surprise that their songs are about killing people, but their subtle bleeps and blips approach to the subject is unique- stalker techno? Nuts gotta dance, too. Spray- the runaway hits of the comp, are a tongue in cheek electro-pop band with vocals that scream "Minogue!" and a sound that recalls every band out of Britain in 1987. The song titles of their two tracks, "I Am Goth" and "Child of the 80's", says it all. Funny lyrics and catchy songs, a winner. Interlock are scary, screechy industrial goth, and Seventh Harmonic close things out with breezy, ethereal soundscapes. A diverse sampler with a few bitchin' tracks and plenty of atmosphere.


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