Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wooly Mammoth

Ten Ton Baby

The thing with Wooly Mammoths was that even thought they were lumbering giants, pounding holes into the ground with every step, they were also as mean as a rattlesnake. Had to be, with all those vicious two legged reptiles snapping at them. This particular band name has been ripe for the picking for years, and it's nice to hear that Wooly Mammoth actually live up to it- oh, it's big, baby, and hairy, but Wooly can also lay it down like fighting men. They've got the southern drawling stoner roll of Alabama Thunderpussy laced with a druggy doom rock edge, and it's all heads down volume worship from there. TTB is a 4 track EP that could fit itself neatly into the middle of Roadsaw's 'Nationwide'- thick and bowl legged, snaky and lupine, rocking and rolling. These young DC cats are obviously going to make hometown heroes Pentagram proud, as they're just as filthy and doomed as their black hearted grand daddies.

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