Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Cold Light of Monday

I keep waiting for the sucker-gut punch on this one- after all, it's on death-grind braineater label Earache after all, and wolverines are supposed to be all teeth and claws and blood rage, so when the 'girl-in-the-radiator' styled creep shmaltz of opener "Dawn" melted like cheddar into the slacker jazz of "Sarah", I figured either Wolverine were building up to one mighty wallop of lupine murder-shred, or maybe they just slipped the wrong disc in the promo sleeve. Turns out I was wrong on both counts, as this gang of reflective Swedes have effectively shed the matted fur of their 'melodic death metal' past for a rainy, candle-lit future as a moody, Queensryche-esque prog-goth slumber rock band. Now, when I tell ya that these fellas have emigrated to the extreme side of "mellow", I do not exaggerate- dig "Trust", a piano ballad that sounds like it was plinked out on a mountaintop as cartoon elephants in tutus danced around, or the coffeehouse balladeer meets Journey tribute band madness of "New Best Friend". What does all this mean? Brother, I do not know. What I do know is that these guys probably still gig with their headchopper buddies, and I would surely love to see what happens when hopped-up death metal moshrats try and thrash to this. And they will, you just know they will. Personally, I probably wouldn't wanna listen to this unless I had just swallowed 150 sleeping pills or something, but if yer the miserable/sleepy type, "Cold Light of Monday" is just slightly more expensive then a box of Sleepytime tea, and cheaper than a handful of bullets.


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