Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Undesirable Citizens
Terra Forma

A solid set of Clash/SLF-style working man's punk rock here from these Oregon based politi-rockers. The original Wobblies (AKA the Industrial Workers of the World) were a Socialist group formed in Chicago in 1905, and if I talk any more about 'em, George Bush will probably have me thrown in jail, so let's just say these Wobblies apparently carry on with their rights-for-the-working-man agenda. Only instead of protesting in the streets (although they might do that too, I dunno) these cats write tuneful, catchy, minute-long punk tunes that bridge the gap between rabble-rouser street rock and the melodic folk-punk of Billy Bragg. Of course, protesting Armageddon when your feet are already in the fire might strike some as too little too late, but ya gotta admit, the Wobblies have heart. If yr at all interested in the Struggle, check these true-blue punks out.


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