Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Without End

Disease is Man
Pseudo Plasma

Jersey thrash mutants Without End strut their burly stuff on this 13 track bruiser of a debut. WE's sound runs the heavy-devy gamut, from Pantera/Soil style stomp n' roll, to crackly nu-doom, to earthdog fist-raising thrash metal, but I'd say Slayer and Biohazard are yr safest bets for quick and easy comparisons. "Alive" is a highlight, not so much for it's chugging hardcore-metal rhythms, but because Adam Tranquill's nasty-ass guitar tone is a deadringer for Venom's own Mantas, circa '83. Bitchin'. The atrociously titled "You'll Stink in the End" is also pretty bad ass, mixing hardcore punk matinee madness with industrial strength, Rollins-esque muscle rock to forge a powerful surge of angry electricity. Elsewhere it's all hammers on anvils and thrash 'til death, so if old-skull thrash metal peppered with some nu-jack nuance sounds like yer kind of kick ass, "Disease is Man" will surely ring your Hell's bell.


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